Governor Corbett’s Plan for Education – It’s not good for Pennsylvania’s children, parents and teachers!

From the time he took office in early 2011, it’s clear that Tom Corbett had a very different plan for public education that matched the extreme agenda set forth by the Tea Party: starve public education, break teacher unions, kill state pensions, and privatize our schools with a voucher system.


Recognizing that equal education opportunity for all is only possible through a strong public school system, the drafters of the Pennsylvania State Constitution (Article III, Section 12) included a specific mandate requiring the state to provide a “thorough and efficient” public school system. In order to ensure that all are educated equally, it also prohibits funds from being provided to sectarian schools or other schools outside of state control.

One can debate the amount of public education funds cut by the governor and his Republican legislature, but not that school districts have had to or plan to raise property taxes, that 27,000 educators have been laid off, and that tuition at state-related universities has increased dramatically from reduced funding.

Corbett and the Republicans’ Plan for Destroying Public Education

Want to know Tom Corbett’s Plans for Public Education?

Democrats, who care about students, parents and teachers, say NO to these strategies!

Corbett to Legislature: “Cut Public University funding in half!”

Tom Corbett proposed reducing state funding for state-owned and -related universities by 50% in the 2011-2012 budget; he signed into law an 18% cut. The next year he proposed a 20% to 30% cut, and proposed flat-funding them in 2013-2014, despite the growing costs of higher education. Added to this is the Republicans’ refusal at the national level to lower college federal loan rates, which currently earn a huge profit ($51B in 2013, greater than Apple or Exxon Mobil) for the government, while adding overwhelming long-term debt to students.

Democrats, who recognize that higher education is the best ticket to the middle class, and that it drives innovation and keeps the USA competitive, understand that our state colleges and universities deserve more from our governor and legislature.

Keystone Exams – Tom Corbett’s Unfunded Mandate to Public Schools and Taxpayers: WE DON’T WANT IT!

Chester County public schools and school boards are united in opposition to Governor Corbett and his appointed state Board of Education’s requirement that all public high school seniors take three one-size-fits-all exams (initially literature, biology and algebra, with others added later) to qualify to graduate.  Despite the high academic achievement of our area public schools, there are financial, academic and social consequences:

  • School districts will need to pay (without state funding support) to implement the exams
  • They will also need to cover costs for remedial courses for students who do not score proficient in the exams needed to graduate
  • Students required to take remedial courses will have severely curbed access to elective courses that so often serve as the spark for future careers
  • Test preparation robs schools of time and energy that should be focused on classroom instruction; in some districts, the number of calendar days devoted to high-stakes testing will jump 3X to 120; some students take biology in 8th grade, but will need to remember content five years later
  • Some students who would otherwise graduate with a good education are just bad test takers – a single test score does not reflect a student’s knowledge, ability or potential

Even with the graduation requirement, school superintendents can “waive” out up to 10% of students, rendering the exams meaningless (although still required). And private and parochial schools are exempt – is this an attempt to boost vouchers for private schools???

Tom Corbett, with his twisted logic and unconstitutional plans for public education, must go – vote NO to Tom Corbett, November 4th!


August Meet & Greet

Thanks to all who came out to our August picnic. Despite weather that did not fully cooperate, we had an enthusiastic crowd to socialize and meet two of our great candidates – Susan Rzucidlo, for the 158th PA legislature seat being vacated by Chris Ross, and Manan Trivedi for the 6th US House of Representatives seat that Jim Gerlach is leaving.

East & West Bradford Democrats Summer “Eat & Meet” Picnic: Tuesday August 12, 6 PM at East Bradford Park



Summer & Democrats – They just go together like Hot Dogs and Hamburgers!

Open for some summer fun as we head into the 2014 political season? Join the East and West Bradford Democrats for a few hours of picnic food, games and friendly and honest political discussion, … and meet our Candidate for the PA Legislature, Susan Rzucidlo!

Let’s meet up – Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 6:00-8:30 PM, East Bradford Park at the Pavilion. The park’s address is 835 Kenmara Dr, West Chester, PA 19380. Free food and drink! (No solicitation.)

Please RSVP to or call 484-639-2345 by Monday August 11th to let us know you are coming so that we have sufficient food and drink for all!

The East Bradford Democrats, a group of like-minded progressives interested in getting more involved in the political process as well as social causes, was formed as a registered Political Committee in 2004. This year we are merging with a newly organized West Bradford team of Democrats to serve a larger area – and GET DEMOCRATS ELECTED!

We’re excited for this opportunity and would like to meet up informally with “Super Dems” from the two townships. So please join us! We’ll have (free) food and beverages and light activities such as yard games and volleyball. Area candidates or their representatives are planning to drop in. Families are welcome!