East Bradford Democrats Annual Plant Sale May 3, 2014 (Save the date)

Layout 1It seems the winter weather is finally behind us, and so thoughts turn to spring, and the East Bradford Democrats annual Plant Sale!  On Saturday May 3, we will be laying out the finest in annuals, perennials, and bedding pants for spring planting.  Please mark your calendars to join us and find just the perfect plants for your garden and yard.  Prices are always reasonable, and the selection is wide.  Feel free to also donate extra plants that you have divided or don’t need, and take home a new variety to try!


“Remarkable” job growth in PA under Gov Corbett — until you get the whole story

Governor Tom Corbett continues to brag about the 140 – 150,000 private sector jobs created during his one term in office, saying in radio ads that the growth is “remarkable”. But this claim conveniently forgets the fact that PA is now 46th in private sector job growth over this period, which makes the result actually “regrettable”, not “remarkable”.  And experts say that the numbers of new jobs are simply consistent with the US economy’s continued progression out of the 2008-09 recession, and doesn’t even reflect the loss of 42,000 public sector jobs, many in education. Here’s just another reason not to trust “One-Term Tom”.

Getting ready for the 2014 Primary Election

Hello fellow East Bradford Dems!

This year is shaping up to be an exciting year at the state and local levels for Democrats.  We have competitive races for governor, US Congress, and the PA legislature.  A number of important activities are underway in this, the 2014 primary season:

  • Candidates are busy collecting the signatures of resident Dems in order for their names to be placed on the May 20th primary election ballot; this period began February 18 and runs through March 11
  • Political committees (such as the East Bradford Democrats) are studying candidate profiles and positions and participating in candidate meet-ups and events, all to help them in making endorsements for our resident Democrats
  • The East Bradford Democrats are preparing for our spring Plant Sale fundraiser scheduled for May 3

The Democratic primary races for our voting precincts are set:

PA Governor: John Hanger, Jo Ellen Litz, Rob McCord, Katie McGinty, Max Myers, Allyson Schwartz, and Tom Wolf

Lt. Governor: Brenda Alton, Mark Critz, Brad Koplinski, Brandon Neuman, Mark Smith, Mike Stack

US 6th District: (all East Bradford precincts except South-2): Mike Parrish, Manan Trivedi (endorsed)

US 7th District: (South-2 precinct): Tom Houghton (endorsed)

PA 158th: Susan Rzucidlo (endorsed)

Stay tuned for more news in this space as well as a sample ballot to take with you to the polls….

East Bradford Democrats – 2013 Year in Review

This year proved to be a special one for the East Bradford Democrats – but there is much work to do for 2014.  Accomplishments in 2013 included:

  • A successful two-day April Plant Sale fundraiser that raised well over $1,000, with $250 of that donated to Camp Linden in West Chester for underprivileged children (thanks to Valerie Deaton for organizing)
  • Spring roadside cleanup along Hannum Avenue in East Bradford (thanks to Fred Rothman for organizing)
  • Distribution of a spring EB Democrats newsletter prior to the May primary, with special push for West Chester Area School District (WCASD) “Better Direction for West Chester” school board slate
  • Introduction of the new East Bradford Democrats Facebook Page (thanks to Brian McGinnis for setting up and everyone who has contributed postings)
  • Addition of PayPal link and account to our website to allow for easy donations to the organization (thanks to Garrett McDaniel for setting this up)
  • The “Taste of Italy” Fall Social and fundraiser at Laguna Miramare on October 24 that allowed us to celebrate the year with new friends (thanks to Deb Hodies for organizing)
  • Production of a fall pre-election newsletter that included a sample ballot, progressive news stories, and support for our endorsed candidates
  • Support for and election of four progressive WCASD candidates to the school board, beating out four tea party Republican candidates in the November election; this means (along with the recent appointment of Bret Binder), that there are now three Democrats (and three moderate Republicans) on the nine-member school board

A big thanks to our Democratic supporters for a great year.   The coming new year promises to be ever exciting – with the 2014 mid-term elections approaching,  We look forward to a spirited primary race for a Democratic candidate to replace “One-Term Tom” as governor of Pennsylvania, and to provide support for a new PA 158th representative (hopefully our friend Susan Rzucidlo).


Bill Phifer, Chairperson – East Bradford Democrats

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